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게임인원 (# of players) : 4 ~ 10
게임시간 (Playing time) : 45 min
대상연령 (Suggested ages) : 14+

*English rulebook is included.


  • Components

    • 2 Boss Tiles
    • 1 Contract Tile
    • 13 Character Cards
    • 13 Weapon Cards: 10 Common Weapons, 2 Boss Weapons, 1 Master Weapon
    • 10 Old & New Side Cards
    • 62 Money Tokens: 10 Tokens × $10, 12 Tokens × $5, 20 Tokens × $2, 20 Tokens × $1
    • 10 Summary Cards
    • Rules

    You and your fellow gang members have robbed a bank together, but while trying to divvy up the spoils, everyone's getting greedy and wanting more! With their loyalties now divided between the old boss and new, members are fighting one another over money — and naturally you'll try to take this opportunity to make a few suspicious deals of your own to take a share for yourself!

    In Big Side, the game lasts several rounds, and in each phase each player takes one character card secretly, then after negotiation with the old boss decided which team to join. After everyone has divided into two groups, each player reveals their character and uses its ability. All players then simultaneously decide whether to join the battle or not, with the old boss and new having a battle with their followers to determine how to split the money.

    After the third round, the player with the most money wins!

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