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게임인원 (# of players) : 2 ~ 5
게임시간 (Playing time) : 30 min
대상연령 (Suggested ages) : 14+

*English rulebook is included.

앨리스의 매드 버거 파티 Alice's Mad Burger Party

  • ※The first player will be the one who has the most recently eaten a hamburger.
    1. The first player reveals the ingredient cards from the card deck, placing on the game table. 2-player: 4 cards, 3-player: 5 cards, 4-player: 7 cards, 5-player: 8 cards.
    places it on the second deck. (But the rat card is not an ingredient.) She reveals the fourth mushroom card and places it on the second deck. She reveals the fifth cheese card, places it on the first deck, and stops revealing the cards.
    3. If all decks are made, each player chooses one of the tools cards (tongs card or teas card) and places it face down in front of him/her. If there is only one tools card left for each player, take all the used cards to their hands.
    4. Reveal the tools cards at once. The player who played the teas card cannot take any ingredient deck. For all players who played the tongs card, take one of the ingredient decks in clockwise order starting from the next player of the first player, till there is no ingredient deck left.
    If all players played the teas card, all ingredient decks are placed on the first player’s wastebasket.
    Place the used tools cards into a deck, keeping them secret to other players.
    2. The first player arranges the cards on the table one by one, according to the number of players. Then, place the game rest of the cards on those to make new decks. The rat card is not considered as ingredient, but should be placed on one of the new decks.
    Example for 2-player game
    Alice reveals the first lettuce card and places it on the first new deck. She reveals the
    5. For players who took the ingredient deck, stack the ingredient cards to make a hamburger.
    5-1. If a rat card is included in the ingredient deck, take the rat tokens as the number of rat cards, and place the
    second onion card and places it on the second new deck. She reveals the third rat card and
    After placing the cards, Alice plays a tongs card. Other two players play a teas card. Alice
    takes all the ingredient decks on the table.
    Example for 3-player
    rat cards under the wastebasket card. The rat tokens should not be revealed.
    5-2. To stack the ingredients, the bottom bun should be placed first. If there is no bottom bun card, flip one of the ingredient cards to use. (Since the rat card is discarded, it cannot be flipped into the bottom bun.)
    5-3. To make the complete hamburger, it should contain both bottom and top bun, with ingredients according to the recipe. The top bun must be placed after all other ingredients are placed.
    5-4. Hamburgers can only be made according to the recipe. The ingredients may be stacked regardless of the order.
    5-5. Place the unused ingredient cards under the wastebasket card and keep them hidden.
    6. The game ends if there are 8 or more complete hamburgers in 2- or 3-player game, 9 hamburgers in 4-player
    game, and 10 hamburgers in 5-player game. Also, the game ends if there are no cards enough left in the draw deck to make new ingredient decks. If any of the conditions are not satisfied, the player who takes the last ingredient deck becomes the first player. Go back to No.1 and continue the game.
    7. After the game ends, you may flip the wastebasket card to use as the last top bun.

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