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# of players : 2
playing time : 25 min
suggested ages : 13 and up

the GATE (Essen Preorder)

$20.00 일반가
  • * You can preorder this game. It will come this Oct, at Essen Spiel 2015. You can pick this game at the GARYKIMGAMES booth (7-C100) during the essen spiel fair. Please bring the printed receipt to pick this up.

    * Eng/Jpn version.

    In the GATE, a strategy game for two players, each player takes four faction cards and places the cards in front of them not shuffled, but separated by faction, face up in ascending order.

    Once a player purchases a card from a faction's deck, that card becomes the source of various effects (mostly for attack action) and the topmost card of each faction's deck is the source of defense. Each turn, a player can do three kinds of actions with the cards in hand:

    Enhance their factions.
    Place guard cards (face down, one card for a faction).
    Attack (to different spots).
    If he succeeds with an attack, the opponent receives damage; if damage reaches a certain amount, that faction's "gate" perishes. When a player's two gates are demolished, the game ends and that player loses.

    The core box of the GATE contains eight sets of factions, some of which are connected with worlds of other games, such as the DOME. More faction packs will be released after the core set.