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My top 10 board game list of 2015

My top 10 board game list of 2015 is below (Not 'published' this year. What I 'played' this year) :

10. Dead of winter - I don't like zombies, but this one works.

9. Mombasa - 'Seperated discard file' ; great idea.

8. Seven wonders duel - Now publishers want to publish 2player games :)

7. Star wars X-wing - Great fun and high quality. What else?

6. Spyfall - It's a party game, but gives new feeling.

(No picture)

5. Pandemic legacy - It's only season1? Cannot believe. Awesome production with great fun.

4. Pathfinder ACG - The most played game in this year.

3. Codenames - I never cry. But this game makes me cry. Cannot stop to laugh!

2. Game of throne LCG - There's no 'Valar Morghulis'. Don't need to say more.

and then, the 1st ranked one is ...


It's new. Great fun with great production. Awesome theme with great artworks. Cannot wait to play the senario #3.

Another great games-not in the ranking-are below.

*Warehouse 51 - Give the bid money to next player !

*Abyss - Pearls !!

*Junior catan - Jinyou's favorite.

*Bloom service - Be brave !

*Water lilly - Love the slide.

*Completo - 66 is 99.

*Betrayal at house on the hill - Let's play setup !

*Star wars imperial assault - May the force be with dice.

*DnD 5th edition - Want to be a player.

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